Sinatra Round Two - Group Date

So for our second round with Sinatra, it was a group date. Four to be exact. It was a far more valuable experience this go-around, in that I actually learned AND applied some of my learning! The ole’ synapses finally started to click on day two of the project.

Highlights include:

  • Area of most growth - definitely testing. Exposure to Capybara and overall just starting to think with a “test first” mindset. I’m not quite yet the testing artist I hope to be, but at least I’m able to think through some ideas on where/how/what to test first when starting to construct a feature.

  • Area of most lightbulbs - generally in how things work in Sinatra, especially around routes and parameters/hashes.

  • Area of most confusion - setting up the database method and trying to account for a test db along with a dev db. I would like to spend a little more time in understanding how best to architect the different environments and run automated testing across the whole app.

If I had another week, I might try to rebuild The Aha Method website, which was something I built a long time ago (with a lot of help). It is small enough that I think I could tackle it on my own, as well as enhance the contact feature and the bratblog summary feature (which currently parses html with a regex, and that is a ‘no-no’).

Team Thoughts - working with Nathaniel, Rolen and Louisa was super rad. Nathaniel and Rolen were very patient with both Louisa and myself, as we forced them to sit through our slow typing and explain the same things at least three times, sometimes using different accents while also drawing cartoon pictures on the whiteboard. Additionally, Rolen took on several nicknames, including “Papa-Rolen”, “The Godfather” and “Ironic Overlord” (rolen.io), aka Fierce Cat on a Fire Breathing Unicorn.