I have No Idea What I Am Doing

I tried to insert ERB tags into haml.

I got myself up "git creek" when I thought it would be cool to rebase.

I lost hours googling my googles because I didn't understand the answers to my noob questions.

I have yet to fully complete an in-class exercise during the allocated class time @ the JumpstartLab.

I wrote eight lines of code for Event Reporter (first "real" project assigned with a one week turn time.) and none of them did anything.

I spent an hour and a half relentlessly trying to debug a functional file that wasn't even the file I was requiring in the test suite I was working from - seriously.

I never use the damn Pomodoro, even though I know I should, and my psyche suffers for it after I have spent a ridiculous number of hours looking at my monitor with no break.

I have no idea what I am doing. And some of these things are just plain hysterical. I'll get there. Just keep swimming...